Convertible & Simcon Tops

In our area it is unusual for a vinyl roof or convertible top to look good for more than six or eight years. You know the problems—cracks, leaks, rust. On convertible tops the rear window fogs up, threads unravel, and the seams start to split.

The mechanical components of a powered convertible top—the motors, pumps, and linkages—need maintenance and refurbishing as well. And vinyl car tops have their own complications. Vinyl tops are nowhere near as durable as steel. Heat / cold cycles, ultraviolet, rain, salt, car washes, all take their toll. Corrosion may be found around windows and trim pieces. Water may percolate beneath the vinyl and rust the underlying sheet metal.

The craftsmen at Rayco Upholstery Shop know what to expect when you bring your convertible or vinyl top to us. We have make hundreds of car tops look like new. Our tools, techniques, experience, and supplies guarantee pleasing results for your project.

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